Best Gaming Laptops

Many of the people who are discovering that they love PC gaming are excited now that laptops have caught up in the PC gaming industry. These days, laptops can run the vast majority of PC games out there, which means that they are a good alternative because they are lighter and more mobile. Laptops can […]

The Best Wearable Fitness Tech

Wearable fitness bands have become one of the hottest pieces of technology. These fitness watches do far more than just tell the time. Each of them are different, but for the most part they each count steps, calories burned, as well as distance walked or ran. Someone trying to find the best fitness band is […]

Pocketing the Drone

A drone is a computer and remote operated small plane that can be customized to do a myriad of tasks. In the wake of his reign, president Obama wanted to make good his promise of withdrawing the US troops from Iraq. He cut the number of troops from around 120,000 to only 15,000. How did […]